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Photos: Padley Gorge, Grindleford.

 A beautiful woodland on the outskirts of Sheffield with a wonderful little stream flowing through the gorge.
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Rainy day in Manchester

  Gandhi: 'You must be the change you want to see in the world.' Manchester, February 2022 Protesters, Manchester, February 2022: "You can forget all this about the Clean Air Zone, it isn't about clean air, it is an income stream, it is a tax."      Manchester Cathedral Heading out into St Peter's Square, Manchester Arndale Centre, Manchester

Photos: Monsal Dale

 First proper trip out with the new tripod to Monsal Dale. And the camera of course, don't forget the camera.

Photos: Trip into Derbyshire to meet Jim Dixon

 Went out into the Peak District yesterday to meet Jim Dixon, one time CEO of the Peak National Park, now antiquarian book dealer with a wonderful collection of angling literature, and who was also on Julian Glover's team for the Landscapes Review. We were meeting yesterday to talk over an exciting new river project we're cooking up - 'watch this space', to employ a cliche. Here's a photo of Jim outside his home. Then we went for a stroll through his garden. OK then, so it is not all his. But it is a beautiful location. Jim Dixon Woodland Woodland stream Stream Redwood The view It is a beautiful spot. I need a return visit with a better light and a tripod. Andrew

A walk over Lantern Pike and then over to the shooting cabin on Kinder

 A beautiful day today, warm in the sun, frost still on the ground and less than a week to go before Christmas day. I took Flo and walked up over Lantern Pike from New Mills, then over to the shooting cabin in the foothills of Kinder, then down to Hayfield and back to New Mills along the Sett Valley Trail. It is one of my favourite walks and today the light was breathtaking, so I took plenty of photographs. Here are a few. Moorland, somebody pointing at Kinder Hollingworth Clough - upstream Hollingworth Clough - downstream Hollingworth Clough Hollingworth Clough Hollingworth Clough Heading for the shooting cabin Moorland Flo - portrait An amazing light on Kinder today Cairn, Kinder Sunset and aeroplanes, from Kinder Shooting cabin, Kinder Trees through mist, above Hayfield