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A walk onto the canal and by the toffee factory

 A quick walk up onto the canal today to play with my new Lumix Z70 camera again. It was a busy day on the canal - the dredger was out, and it looks like some development going to happen canal-side.

Walked by the marina. I love canal barges. I used to want to live on a barge when I was a child. That or a static caravan. 

That last shot has got Swizzels in the background, the local sweet factory. Here are some more shots of Swizzels: I caught my pike outside here the other week. Yesterday I saw someone in town, another angler, and I was telling him about this pike and he told me there were some big pike in there, pike as big as your leg. Mine barely made a shin. Maybe next time.

Swizzels is such a landmark in the area. It announces its presence via your nose as much as anything, as a succession of smells can take you back through your whole childhood in a single day. The factory is there suddenly on you then it trickles out into woodland and open country again, like the town itself.

I'm happy with this Lumix camera though - it is a lot of photography to pack in your pocket.


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 Christmas 2021 marks the closing of one of England's fly fishing institutions: Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop. A few photos here to mark its closing and the partial retirement of owner and well-known Derbyshire angler, Peter Arfield. I say 'partial retirement' because Pete will still be offering guiding and tuition on Derbysire rivers. The shop will be sadly missed by fly fishers though as it had genuine, iconic status - a renowned hub for anglers everywhere. Here are a few photos from what will be my last visit to the shop: Pete Arfield presides over the organised chaos of Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop Pete Arfield - portrait Hebden Court, Bakewell Stone steps leading to Bakewell Fly Fishing Shop Gone fishing One door closes, another opens. It is the end of an era though, that's for sure.

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